>On the Road Again

Today I leave for Mexico, to visit a couple of sites I haven’t seen before and then to participate in the Under the Volcano Writers’ Workshop. I’m a little tired of workshops, but I love to travel (see more on this here and the village of Tepoztlan where the workshop happens is delightful. I’ve been twice before, working once with Russell Banks and once with Grace Paley. This year I’ll be with Chuck Wachtel, who isn’t as well known, obviously. But I’ve started reading his work and find that he’s quite inventive and I think maybe my imagination could use a boost. He’s on faculty at NYU along with the other workshop leader this year, Breyten Breytenbach.

This year I hope to get some work done while I’m down there. I’m taking my laptop and while I probably won’t work for the first few days–in Mexico City–I’m then headed down to Taxco to a small hotel there and then to Tepoztlan, to a B&B that I’m told is charming. A view of the Volcano, perhaps? I’d like to finish a new story I’m working on while I’m there. We’ll see.

I should have access to the internet, at least occasionally, so I will post from time to time. Hasta luego!

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