On Vacation . . . from Facebook

onvacation1I actually enjoy Facebook. It’s fun to interact with people I cant’s see face-to-face often, to see what they’re up to and to share news and events with them.

It also drives me crazy. People (I’m guilty of this) post things that aren’t true–thanks to a proliferation of fake news sites and also thanks to political spin from the right (mostly) but also from the left. When I see such false stories, I feel compelled to react, and that gets me embroiled often in conversations I don’t really want to have. And before long, I’ve wasted a whole day doing nothing but Facebook.

But I’ve got work to do! I’m trying to finish the first draft of a book and my goal is October 1. If I’m going to meet that goal, I need more discipline. And that starts with staying away from Facebook. So, as of today, I’m on vacation. I’m not at a beach, which is too bad. I’m at home. Working. But I’m going to do my best to stay away from social media until September 1. If you need me, shoot me an email.

(I’m aware that my settings are such that this blog post will appear on Facebook.)

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  1. I admire you for taking this step. Just yesterday after I posted my reply to your lament about the post-residency writing slowdown, I thought “And yet here we both are, on Facebook.” Hedgebrook had very limited access to wifi, as does Hambidge (as you know) and I found that I simply got to a different and deeper place in the work because I wasn’t breaking away from it to go online every time some little anxiety or “what now?” surfaced as I was writing. And, of course, I simply wrote more in terms of quantity. Anyway, I applaud your decision and wish you well! I hope I can follow your example when I’ve had a few days to get past re-entry.

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