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Opium Magazine has announced the finalists in the 500-Word Memoir Contest and somehow I slipped into the group without anyone noticing. The winner (selected by Daniel Handler) will be announced in October.

It’s nice to see Anne Elliott on the list, too!

The finalists, in alphabetical order:

Lisa K. Buchanan, The Autobiography of My Celebrity Interview Subject
Daniel Degnan, What’s the Difference?
Giancarlo DiTrapano, Benediction
Anne Elliott, A Turtle Weighs In on the Republican Nomination
Clifford Garstang, Going the Distance
John Jodzio, The Future
Aharon Levy, Travelers
Damion Searls, This is Something That Happened Before I Hit the Big Time
Theresa Selucky, Hum
Sean Toner, Family Stew
Jay Wexler, My First Boob
Sandra Worsham, Medusa
Anna Vlasova, Magnolias

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