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Everywhere Stories Vol IIOn September 26, 2016, Press 53 will publish Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet Volume II. Like the first volume, which came out in 2014, this anthology includes 20 stories by 20 authors set in 20 countries. The theme of Volume I was “It’s a Dangerous World.” This time, the world is still dangerous, but also “It’s a Mysterious World.”

I’m very excited to share this work with you! The book includes stories set in Turkey, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Norway, Samoa, Mexico, India, Morocco, Panama, Egypt, Belgium, Poland, Guatemala, Ireland, Kenya, Lebanon, Brazil, Mali, Pakistan, and the US.

Putting the anthology together was a blast. Once again, we were overwhelmed with submissions and the process of winnowing them to these 20 stories. I hope you enjoy the book! And if all goes well, we’ll be back in a couple of years with Volume III.

The publisher tells me that pre-orders are being accepted now for shipment in late August! Pre-order Everywhere Stories Vol. II.  (And note the special discount if you order both Volumes I and II!)

Reviewers may request a review copy here.

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