Prime Number Magazine Issue 53

Issue 53I can’t believe it’s been four years. Our first issue (Issue 2, because we number in Primes) launched in July 2010. Today, our sixteenth issue, Issue 53, goes live. (Although we were scheduled to go live on April 19, we held off until 5/3, also known in honor of our publisher as National Press 53 Day.)

Because this is my last issue as Fiction Editor (as of now I’m Editor in Chief and Jon Chopan will be taking over my Fiction duties while Amy Monticello takes over the Nonfiction), I went a little crazy and doubled the number of stories I normally take. I love them all, so I hope you’ll give them a read. We’ve got a story about a writers’ workshop in Paris, another about saving the cherry crop in Michigan, another about reading philosophy, another about listening to Otis Redding. And more! There’s some pretty great poetry, too, including a few poems by the former poet laureate of North Carolina.

Check it out: Prime Number Magazine Issue 53.

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