The very act of creating this post is procrastination, of course. I’m supposed to be working on a new book–that’s what my mind’s schedule says–but I’m talented at finding other things to do instead:

  • This post about procrastination, including a web search for an illustration. In this case I chose one that is judgmental, reflecting my guilt at spending time I should be using to write.
  • Noting on Facebook that I can’t write because my shoes are too tight. I knew it would result in fun responses, which was the point, really, but the fact is that I just realized that my feet DO hurt and that when I ordered these sneakers online I should have heeded the warning to order a half-size up. I’m now sock-footed and feeling much better. (I’ve been wearing these shoes for weeks, however; so I’m planning another blog post about Denial.)
  • After the shoes came off, I realized that I couldn’t get my feet comfortable under the desk, and that led me to the conclusion that my chair was too low. Adjustment made, I’m now concerned that my keyboard is too low . . .
  • I’ve got studying to do. I decided a couple of weeks ago to take a Chinese class, even though I’ve studied the language on my own off and on for a long time. The class–second semester of beginning Chinese–is going to keep at least that part of my life on track. In fact, I’m tempted to put the writing aside in order to do some reviewing right now.
  • My magazine, Prime Number, requires constant attention. We just posted a new update but we’ve got another one coming in a few weeks, plus a new issue due in October, and the website redesign, and the print annual . . . Oh, there’s a lot I could be doing on the magazine.
  • I’m supposed to have a book read by Wednesday evening for a book club. I’m on page 10, so unless I take some time off from work the next couple of days, I’m not going to finish it.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, I just published a new book, What the Zhang Boys Know, and there are a million things I could/should be doing in the way of promotion–arranging signings and readings, finding reviewers and book bloggers. That’s practically a full time job. How does anyone get any writing done?
  • A book store in town is having a sale, and they opened at 10 am . . .
  • Plus, I need some new shoes.

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