Publication Day is Here! Blog Tour Kicks Off!

It’s a big day. Today, October 1, is the official publication day of my new book, What the Zhang Boys Know.

That means the book is now widely available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local independent book stores, and direct from the publisher. And it will be available very soon on Kindle and Nook.

And publication day means that reviews are starting to appear on Amazon and elsewhere. Plus, for the next several weeks, I’ll be participating in a virtual book tour. You can follow along here: Virtual Book Tour for What the Zhang Boys Know.

The day started well when I received this email from a reader:

I love love love love the book. I just finished it, sad that I had run out of pages.

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  1. Hi Cliff – way back a lifetime ago, when I was still on Zoetrope, one of these was the first Zoe story I’d read that blew me away, that seemed like it was written by a “real” writer. I’m delighted this day is here – I’ve got the book ordered from my Fiercely Independent Community Bookstore and it’ll be high on my read list.


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