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>Book Balloon, a free online book discussion site, is hosting a Question & Answer forum with Logan Ward, June 24-26. Logan is the author of See You in a Hundred Years, a wonderful book that I wrote about here. [Registration at Book Balloon is required to participate in the discussion, but it’s painless.]

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  1. >Just finished reading “See you in 100 Years.” Would be interested in knowing how re-entry went? Did the family remain on the farm? Did they embrace all or just some of the conveniences of today – such as running water and electricity. Do they still seek to live a simpler life? If so, how? Thanks!

  2. >I forwarded your comment to Logan Ward and invited him to visit here to answer. I think he was traveling, so it may be a while before he can do that.

    In the meantime, I can say that they didn’t stay on the farm. They moved into town, but into a historic house. And while they’re firmly in the 21st Century now, it’s not New York, and my impression is that they do keep things simple. I understand that the paperback edition of the book will have an afterward with some more detail about this.

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