>Raise your hand . . .

>. . . if you saw the piece in The New Yorker about Patrick Henry College and you’re as frightened of these zombies as I am.

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  1. >Hi there! Please explain what you mean by Zombies. Agreed that anything taken to the extreme is of no possible use to anyone.
    But is the real question, Should there be separation of Church and State?
    I have read the article and my first thought was gee, that sounds like a place my oldest daughter Casey might enjoy going, but there is life outside the dormitory.
    Ah, why? She is very intelligent for her age, she is very interested in politics and that particular arena, she is a professed Christian.
    I must agree on some parts of this article as we, the United States were indeed founded on Godly principles and the Bible was and is to date the “sworn” writings of what is valid for right and wrong. (Even in our judicial practices)
    I really cannot say I would raise my hand to this for I have not seen the school, its professors, or any working component.
    I would indeed raise my hand if I were looking at a school breeding Hari Krishna’s (sp) or fanatical extremists group.
    Here I think my hand is down, my curiousity up, and could this be the needed insight to putting more Christ-like people into official government positions. After all, to date we haven’t done real well with those who have been non-Christians, have we?
    Bush on the other hand, yeah I voted for what I believed was the less of the two morons…I was totally opposed and even began a campaign in my area to cease plans for the Iraq war, to no avail. And yes, this country has some deep problems, but I really felt the outcome of not having Bush in office, especially if the Dems held the majority of seats, would be that of a tug of war on alot of the assinine proposals or at least those that were of the main concern. So, indirectly Bush would have been curtailed of any unscrupulous measures.

    And here I sit! Good article, great controversy!

  2. >Peg,
    I don’t really want to launch a debate on this site, but in response to your comments:

    I used the word “zombie” somewhat in jest, but PHC is an extension of Christ-centered homeschooling, which I believe is a bad practice on several grounds, but mostly because it generally provides too narrow an education and, indeed, breeds fanatical extremists. [See the earlier posts on this site concerning the Christian Taliban.]

    The fact that these people at PHC are intent on taking over the government is a different issue, and is also frightening. It makes me truly concerned that our arrogant, militarist present will lead to a fascist future, in which dissent and diversity are not tolerated at all.

    In specific response: the moral principles you credit the Bible with predate Christianity; America’s founders were not Christians in the sense evangelicals would use that term, and I object to “Godly principles”; the separation of church and state is a critical element of democracy, which is our greatest strength; and what particular non-Christians in government are you referring to? We’ve never had a non-Christian president, but in my view we might well be better of if we had.

    But thanks for your comment!

  3. >Raising my hand. Both of them. In a “don’t shoot” attitude. The extremist Christians are attacking the very foundations of a country they profess to love.

  4. >Sorry Cliff,
    Meant not to cause a debate, was rather curious of your reasoning which you have articulated rather well…
    I find it interesting enough though, that most ppl rather Christian or not who believe to be ethical and moral in their relationship with others have indeed express the Godly principles that are/is written in the Bible. Credit on the other hand is another story.
    Again I apologize for debating, but appreciate your cordial response.
    Thank you,

  5. >Hey Cliff — came on to the site for the (Queen’s) Harper’s debate and stayed for the Patrick Henry link. =)

    Go to the Comedy Central site for the Daily Show’s take on it — the author was interviewed by Jon Stewart. V. funny. (And, a glimmer of hope, as it turns out these Zombies worship Jon Stewart. All saints be praised!)

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