This post is not part of my recent flurry of Litmag Catch Up reviews because I haven’t actually seen this magazine. But I was pleased to learn this week that RE:AL (which stands for Regarding Arts and Letters) will publish my story “In an Uncharted Country” later this year. So I visited their website and discovered links to stories by two friends in the current issue. I’m delighted to be in their company! Check out Time is Not a Privilge by Katrina Denza and Down Through the Desert by Roy Kesey. Congratultions to Kat and Roy!

And, not leave out Mary Akers, here’s her terrific story Medusa Song published in RE:AL a couple of years ago. Nice to finally join you in this magazine, Mary!

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  1. >Congratulations, Cliff!!! They are lucky to have your story.

    I really like this journal–it’s quite beautiful to hold and see. Also, Mary Akers has a piece in their archives.

  2. >Thanks, Kat! And thanks for the reminder about Mary’s story. I’ve added a link to the original post. I love that story.

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