>Residency Report–halfway point

>My residency is half over, which is odd because it feels as though I just got here. Apart from the appearance of poison ivy (I had a serious run-in with a nasty weed patch right before I left home), things are going reasonably well. I’m making progress, I think, and that’s better than going backwards. I’m only working on my main project, though, and not any of the secondary projects I thought I might do. That’s just as well, I suppose.

Yesterday, I worked most of the day except for a mid-day excursion to buy calamine lotion (!), coffee, and to stop at Tacos el Pueblito (that’s the little pink Mexican restaurant near the Kimmel Harding Nelson building) to grab a burrito for lunch. In the evening, all the remaining residents (our composer went home yesterday) went to see Up, the new Pixar movie featuring the voice of Ed Asner. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie in a theater; too bad it was this one. Not that it’s a bad movie–it’s good for what it is, and visually it’s quite nice–but there are other films that I’d like to see more.

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