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>Busy day today. I need to work on a piece of writing and then I had to take Bhikku to the kennel. Normally I don’t feel guilty about that because he seems to love it there. The people who run the kennel are terrific and they love him, and there are all the other dogs. But today when we arrived he was subdued and didn’t seem to want to go in. He greeted Mark, one of the owners, but didn’t jump on him as he usually does. And then when Mark took his leash to Bhikku back into the kennel area, Bhikku wanted to go with me. He never does that!

I had errands all day, had to mow the lawn, prepare for packing, do computer backups, etc.

Tonight I had an Obama meeting, which I should have skipped because it’s now late and I still have a ton to do.

But, in the morning I’me off to the Sewanee Writers Conference and it’s going to be a blast. I’ll report from the road . . .

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  1. >Have fun, Cliff. Bhikku will relax and have fun too.

    Our dog used to chomp at the bit to go into the kennel, but he’s become more subdued too. I think it comes with dog maturity. It’s a break in the routine, & I think dogs find comfort in routine. Once he gets into the kennel routine he’ll be fine. Kinda like settling into a writer’s conference.

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