>Rob Spillman in The Huffington Post

>The Huffington Post? Well, sure, why not. Check out Rob Spillman’s column on books. One item that caught my eye in particular was the early buzz on books for 2006:

Two short story collections, Deborah Eisenberg’s Twilight of the Superhero (out in February, from FSG) and Charlie D’Ambrosio The Dead Fish Museum (out in April from Knopf), are at the top of nearly every list. Both are by “writer’s writers” who are masters of the short form. And seemingly everyone in publishing wants to get their mitts on Philip Roth’s new novel, with the excellent Rothian title Everyman (due out from Harcourt in May). Elizabeth Strout’s follow-up to her debut Amy and Isabelle has a lot of folks eager to read Abide With Me (due out in March from Random House), and from all advance word it is a dark gem. Similarly Heather McGowan, a whirling dervish of a prose stylist, follows her debut Schooling with Duchess of Nothing (March, from Bloomsbury). Caitlin Flanagan has been stirring things up for years with her intelligent, inflammatory essays on domesticity, and her book To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife (out April, from Little, Brown) will surely hit a zeitgeist nerve. Brit David Mitchell’s novel Black Swan Green, has people (me included) wondering how he can possibly top the tour de force that was his last novel, The Cloud Atlas, which had a rabid and enthusiastic following (due out April from Random House). Donald Antrim’s memoir, The Afterlife (out May, from FSG), pieces of which have already appeared in the New Yorker, is sure to be a compelling, dark ride by the dark and talented novelist.

This seems like a feature that will be worth watching . . .

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