>Sewanee: Day 10

>Thursday was busy. In the morning, several Scholars gave short readings (since this year there is no scheduled reading for Scholars as there was the year I came as a Scholar), and that was followed by a craft lecture by Margot Livesey. The talk was fantastic, an exploration of tecchniques of what Margot called Fiction and Extra-Fiction (or, sometimes, Anti-Fiction). I plan to think about this further and may do another entry about it at some point.

We then had an editors panel that I needed to miss in order to get some story revisions done, and in the afternoon I had another meeting with Tim O’Brien about my work. He has been very generous with his time and supportive in his encouragement.

I missed the Mark Strand reading, just as I had missed his craft lecture earlier in the week, but it couldn’t be helped.

We had a nice reception at the French house, at which I finally took some pictures. I may post some of those at some point.

And the last event of the day was a reading by Arlene Hutton (and friends) of several one act plays and an excerpt from a longer work. The readers were all wonderful and the work very entertaining.

After that, many of us gravitated to the French House, and although I had planned to make it a short night, it was after midnight before I got home.

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