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Actually, Sewanee (the Sewanee Writers Conference) is staying right where it is. But I’m going to it in a little over a week. It’s going to be a fun time and I’m looking forward to it. I’m even looking forward to the 8-hour drive and hoping I (and the old car) get there in one piece. I plan to blog about the conference while I’m there, and might do some tweeting, also, and in preparation for that I created the hash tag #Sewaneewriters. I’m hoping that catches on with others who might be tweeting from the conference . . .

Lots to do between now and then.

We got the workshop manuscripts last week and I need to read (parts of) them before I hit the road. I won’t be able to do detailed critiques, but I think it will make the critiquing easier when the real work starts.

Prime Number Magazine will debut while I’m away. So I need to make sure everything is in place for that — we’re getting close. But we want to be sure we can send out an email (plus Twitter and Facebook) to our lists on the 19th when we go live. And submissions should start to come in shortly after that, which is exciting. The first thing we’re going to be looking for is flash and short poetry for the Prime Decimal that will appear on August 1. Not much time!

My lawnmower broke in the middle of the mowing chore on Friday afternoon. I had done the whole front yard–the biggest part of the job–and stopped to open the gate to get into the back. When I restarted the thing wouldn’t move–no resistance on the gas pedal. So I need to arrange to get that fixed ASAP. Fortunately (?) we’re having a real dry spell so the grass isn’t growing much.

Lots of garden work to do. I have to hope not too much ripens while I’m away. But I have to eat a bunch of veggies between now and then!

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