>Sewanee Writers’ Conference — Day 12


This is it. I head home early in the morning, and so there will be no more posts about Sewanee 2010. It’s been a strange day, beginning with a free-form, final workshop session, for which our faculty had nothing planned. So I brought a couple of things to discuss, including Mark Twain’s essay about Fenimore Cooper, and a list of opening lines from novels. Another workshop member brought a recording of Flannery O’Connor reading “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

That done, there was time to hit the bookstore one last time and get some packing and loading over with. Then I made it back to the Women’s Center for Wyatt Prunty‘s reading. Immediately after that I had my conference with Padgett Powell–talk about the last minute!–and then there was dinner.

The final reading of the conference was by Tony Earley from a work in progress.

And now, as I write this, the final party is beginning. I’ll head over there shortly, although I hate the goodbyes. At some point I’ll slip away to come home to sleep, and I’ll look forward to getting on the road in the morning.

So ends Sewanee 2010.

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