It sure doesn’t feel like it today, but it’s been spring for a couple of weeks now. This picture is of one of the wild cherry trees that grow all over the land behind my house.

I have mixed feelings about the arrival of spring. On the one hand, the flowering trees are beautiful. I have a lot of redbuds that are about to bloom and the dogwoods will come along shortly after that. And I’m happy with somewhat warmer weather (although we didn’t even see 50 today).

But along with all that growth and warmth come . . . yard work. I have yet to clear the twigs and branches that fell during the winter snow and ice. I should have trimmed some of the garbage trees that have popped up along the edge of the woods and creek that runs through the yard, and I need to till the garden if I have hope of ever growing vegetables this year. (Growing weeds isn’t a problem.) The weather hasn’t cooperated, but maybe tomorrow.

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