Still no power!

It’s Sunday morning and as of 7:30am I still didn’t have power. I drove into town looking for coffee and breakfast, but was too early for the locally owned coffee shops so I headed to the outskirts to hit the Starbucks. I’ll stop by the gym on the way home to workout and shower–the water pressure at home is getting low. The good news is that I’m hearing reports of restored power to some in the area, so I’m hopeful that today is the day. It’s now been 36 hours . . .

Yesterday afternoon I went in to Darjeeling Cafe for iced tea and Internet access, then stayed for dinner. The house was hot when I got home, and there wasn’t much I could do. So I listened to the radio for a little while, watched a DVD on the laptop (until I got worried about battery power), and went to be really early. It was hot!

Here’s to restored power!

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