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Several new installments of The Bat Segundo Show are up, including a visit with William Gibson.

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  1. >Thanks for posting that, Cliff. I’m a big Gibson fan (I finished “Ghost Country” the afternoon it arrived from Amazon) but I’ve never heard him speak.

    His last two were good, but nothing will top “Neuromancer.”

    BTW, I’ve been accepted to Queens and I start in January.

    Jim Walke

  2. >Hey, Jim, that’s good news about Queens. Reunion with Pinckney! I’m heading down there in November for the alumni workshop weekend (with editors and agents as opposed to the writing faculty); looking forward to that. I’m sure your experience will be terrific.

    As for Gibson, I have to confess that I hated Neuromancer and so it’s going to be a tough sell to get me to try another.

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