>The Bat Segundo Shows #183-188 (and more)

Check out the latest podcasts from The Bat Segundo Show:

These shows include our first bilingual podcast with CJ7 director Stephen Chow and star Jiao Xu (Show #187), a lively discussion about Stanley Milgram and book design with the equally lively Chip Kidd (#185), a conversation with Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Terry Sanders about his film, Fighting for Life, with emphasis on military medicine in Iraq (#188), talk of Tesla and the spirit of invention with the very talented novelist Samantha Hunt (#183), and a discussion on favelas and film Brazilian director Paulo Morelli (#184). We also have a very special interview with 1970s/1980s broadcasting commentator Wayne Shannon (#186) that you won’t want to miss.

And somehow I missed the previous installment, shows #179-182:

Just in time for the Oscars, the latest batch involve a more cinematic emphasis. We talk with novelist Steve Erickson about his Hollywood novel, Zeroville (#180), meet up with the cast and crew of the independent horror film, The Signal (opening in theaters today), in perhaps one of the strangest conversations in Segundo history (#182), discuss werewolves and free verse with Sharp Teeth author Toby Barlow (#181), and get the skinny on The Soul Thief and whether or not text is truly permanent with Charles Baxter (#179).

Looks like good stuff.

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