>The Bat Segundo Shows #189-203

>Check out the latest editions of The Bat Segundo Show, where you’ll discover:

This most recent batch includes a special 75-minute conversation with Nicholson Baker (#200) on a wide range of topics, an interview with independent animator Bill Plympton (#190), a raucous talk with Jeffrey Ford about genre and the great American novel (#191), and inquiries into the sports-industrial complex with Will Leitch (#189). We learn about intimacy with Meryl Streep with director Chen Shi-Zheng and actor Liu Ye (#203) and how to cover the Kentucky Derby with filmmakers Brad & John Hennegan (#202).

We also discover why Richard Price wrote Michael Jackson’s “Bad” (#199), find out what it takes to be a nonagenarian actress with Mimi Weddell (#192), investigate Chinese restaurants with Jennifer 8. Lee (#196), look into whether phasers, invisibility, and the Death Star are theoretically possible with noted physicist Michio Kaku (#197), and conduct a live podcast with writer Marshall Klimasewiski (#193). Returning to our show for second appearances are closet geek Jennifer Weiner (#198), giddy short story writer Elizabeth Crane (#195), and anti-earnest crusader Lydia Millet (#194). And, last but not least, litblogger and debut novelist Mark Sarvas talks with us about Harry, Revised, John Banville, James Wood, and elegant variations (#201).

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