>The Binnacle Ultra-short Competition

>Recently I posted a copy of my ultra-short fiction, “Tornado Weather,” which was one of the finalists in the 2006 Binnacle Ultra-short Competition. The finalists and prize-winners are printed on little cards and boxed together. It’s got to be the oddest “magazine” around, no matter what McSweeney’s thinks of next.

Anyway, the winners and finalists have been announced for the 2007 Competition. Once again I finished out of the money, but my tiny story “The Ox” is a finalist, I’m happy to say, so come this fall (or whenever — last year’s didn’t come until this spring) “The Ox” will be in “the box.”

Congratulations to the winners and the other finalists!

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  1. >well done, Ciff! I entered (and was a finalist) one year and just loved the little boxed set they make of the shorts. beautifully produced and a conversation piece. enjoy!

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