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Last year, I was one of many finalists in The Binnacle‘s ultra-short contest. The “issue” with the winners and finalists came out a few months ago with the promise that an audio link to readings of the pieces would soon appear on the journal’s website. The audio hasn’t appeared, but I thought I’d go ahead and share with you my “story”. (The “issue” is a small box, like something a cheap necklace would come in, with each story printed separately on a small 2 x 1 inch card. The picture here shows both sides of the card with my story, but because it might be tough to read:

Tornado Weather
“Tornado weather,” Aunt Agnes says. It is—the sky yellow and purple, bruised. But how could she know? I set the dinner tray before her and guide her hand to the plate, the fork and spoon, the tip-proof cup. My husband and I can’t care for her any longer and today is the day she moves. “It’s for the best,” he says, when we tell her. While she eats, I gaze out the window and watch the wind swirl in the yard, come to take her.

I should say that this piece was originally a poem in I think 20 lines and for the purposes of the contest I just lost the line breaks. I’ve entered the 2007 contest also and it will be interesting to see if I can be a finalist again this year.

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