The Gathering of Writers: August 18, 2012, Winston-Salem

On August 18, 2012, in Winston-Salem, NC, I’ll be joining 5 other writers in the first Gathering of Writers, sponsored by Press 53 and Prime Number Magazine.

I think the program is a good one. The six writers on the faculty are John McNally, Valerie Nieman, Tracy Crow, Susan Woodring, Kim Wright, and me. Each of us will address a topic the craft of prose writing and participants will be able to attend 4 sessions, in addition to a faculty reading.

Plus, the night before, Press 53 is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of my new book, What the Zhang Boys Know.

The event should be a lot of fun and is reasonably priced. It’s limited to 53 writers (Press 53–get it?), so register today!

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