>The Ghost Mountain Boys

>I attended a terrific author event last night at The Bookstack in Staunton for James Campbell and his new book, The Ghost Mountain Boys, about the American soldiers in WWII who trekked in miserable conditions across New Guinea to engage the Japanese in the first significant land action in the Pacific. Not only is the story remarkable and little known, but the effort Campbell put into telling it is phenomenal. He interviewed and befriended many survivors of the trek and battle, but he also mounted an expedition to retrace the steps of the Ghost Mountain Boys – and endured injury and sickness along the way, getting a small taste of what it was really like in 1942 for the men he calls heroes.

It looks like a great book and the website is full of good information, including a fascinating trailer that will eventually be a documentary film.

Also check out Jim’s first book, The Final Frontiersman.

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