>The Short Review

>Here’s a magazine/website with an original premise: reviews of short story collections and anthologies. Here’s how the founder describes the project:

The Short Review brings you original reviews of new, not-quite-so-new and classic collections, written by reviewers who are also short story writers themselves and who love short fiction. To ensure some measure of objectivity, we ask that none of our reviewers review the work of an author or publisher that they have any connection to (at least at the time of writing the review). But because reviewing is by its nature a subjective business, we want to give you more than one opinion, so every review will include links to reviews by other publications, where available. To whet your appetite further, every review has “If you liked this, you might also like…” recommendations.

As a fan of the short story, this seems like a great idea and I’ll be returning often. Check it out: The Short Review.

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