>The Weekend–Andy’s Wedding

>On Thursday I drove from Virginia to Indiana, a trip that went by remarkably fast (it took 8 hours) because I was listening to a surprisingly entertaining book on tape: Michael Crichton’s Prey. I’m looking forward to listening to the second half on the way home! (My philosophy of Books on Tape is that I listen to titles that I probably would not read–Crichton falls in that category.)

First stop was the Richmond, Indiana area, where my nephew, Andy, was married on Saturday to Cheryl. We had a wonderful family dinner on Thursday at my sister’s house, followed by various activities and the lovely rehearsal dinner on Friday night, and then the wedding on Saturday, as emotional and beautiful and well-executed an event as you’d want to have, including an incredibly cute performance as co-Best Man by Garrett, Cheryl’s 4-year-old-son. After the reception and then this morning’s farewell family gathering for brunch, I drove on to Bloomington for the IU Writers Conference. It was a great weekend, in part because of the unique accomodations at a house inside a 500 acre arboretum, about which I plan to comment later. It was amazing.

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