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It’s not July. This isn’t France. And Lance isn’t here. But it is still a reasonably major biking event: Tour of Shenandoah. Today is Day 2 of the race, a 101 mile ride from Staunton to Hot Springs, that goes right by my house. The tiny pictures above are borrowed from the website, but I’ll see if I can capture some of my own.

UPDATE: It was a brief encounter of the speedy kind. I knew they were approaching by the herd of motorcycle cops that preceded them, and then a pace car (there’s probably a cycling term for that but I don’t know what it is) and then the riders. It turns out I live on a curve–I never realized that before–and so I couldn’t see everthing that was approaching. The first couple of riders passed, then a few more. I took a picture of them speeding away and though, “that can’t be it, surely, can it?” A few more riders. And then the peloton arrived, a hundred or so riders spread across the narrow road looking very much like a single organism. It was over fast.

I did manage to get some pictures but I’m having upload issues. I’ll try to post a few later in the day.

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