>U.P. by R.A. Riekki

>I just heard about a recent novel by a Sewanee Writers’ Conference friend, Ron Riekki. The book is U.P., from Ghost Road Press

Here’s the publisher’s description:

From a bold new novelist comes a complex tale of friendship and brutality. Set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, U.P. is the story of four teens immersed in an ugly world, one whose threat of violence is always simmering beneath the surface. R.A. Riekki’s distinctive characters and their poignant quest for freedom is a swan song to lost youth, redefining the traditional coming-of-age story. Four boys, four distinct narratives that converge into a harrowing and heartbreaking whole.

And, here’s a fresh Interview with Ron Riekki at Just Your Typical Book Blog. So, there you have it. Check out Ron, the interview with Ron, Ron’s Book, and Ron’s publisher!

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