>Under the Volcano with Sandra Cisneros

>I’ve written here before about my wonderful experiences at a small workshop in Tepoztlan, Mexico called Under the Volcano. I’ve studied there with Russell Banks, Grace Paley, and Chuck Wachtel, and I’ve also enjoyed the magical atmosphere of the town. The 2009 workshop is fast approaching and I was surprised not to have heard anything about it, but I just had the news from the Director that Sandra Cisneros will be returning to Tepoztlan. I’ve heard great things about her personally and of course really admire her work.

The workshop she’s teaching sounds interesting (don’t look for this on the website; it hasn’t yet been updated): “Blending and Blurring Genres”

Fiction writer Sandra Cisneros, documentary filmmaker Lourdes Portillo, and ethnographer Ruth Behar come together to offer a workshop on blended and blurred genres. We welcome writing that creatively meshes fiction and non-fiction, that uses history and documentary to tell stories, and that engages individual voices, families, and communities in a socially conscious way. This workshop is for experienced writers who will present their work in English. Comments will be provided in class. Please bring a strategic segment of a work in progress (10 pages) on which you want feedback.

It sounds fascinating. Contrary to the dates listed on the website, the workshop is actually scheduled for January 2-11. I doubt that I’ll sign up for the workshop, but I’m tempted to go down to Mexico anyway . . . .

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