>UTV Days 5 and 6

>Tuesday was a light day. We workshopped in the morning–my second submission from the new novel was discussed, along with an excerpt from another writer’s novel. We had lunch again at Magda’s and then we were free the rest of the day. I came back to Las Golondrinas to work, but at night several of us met at La Posada del Tepozteco for drinks and dinner (they make a mean margarita).

Wednesday was a bit more intensive. When I arrived at Magda’s, I saw immediately that Grace Paley and Robert Nichols had arrived. Grace has been ill so this trip from Vermont is a big undertaking for her, but it was wonderful to see her. (Three of us were in her workshop here 2 years ago, so we all gathered around to talk to her and Bob. Grace even sat in on our workshop and probably will the rest of the week as well.) Lunch again was at Magda’s. Then, because Wednesday is market day in Tepoztlan, I went into the village to walk around (and pick up my laundry), look at the shops, etc. Back to Las Golondrinas to work, and then Magda hosted a “Tamalada” at her house. This was a meeting of local activists who have been working to expose the election fraud here (which they say was modeled on the election fraud in the U.S. in 2000 and 2004). This was a fascinating discussion–in the U.S. we have had little exposure to good information about both the fraud and the popular response. People refer to Lopez Obrador, the candidate from the PRD, as the “legitimate President,” and barely speak of Calderon, who it seems will have a very difficult time governing. This is a situation that could get even uglier and unstable.

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