>It was a beautiful morning for a drive–Highway 60 across the Blue Ridge is one of the most fantastic roads I’ve been on for a long time–and I arrived at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts late morning. It is so fantastic–rolling hills, surrounding woods, efficient and attractive residence building–that I realized I was probably too excited to get any work done. But I settled in to my room, found my way around a little bit, then walked down to the studios in the barn. It turns out I have been assigned to a composer’s studio, complete with a piano (in need of tuning, but that’s not my problem) and a full-size keyboard. After a quick lunch where I met several of the other fellows, I launched in to my writing, having set for myself the task of finishing a revision to a story (and, in fact, submitting it by email to a journal for which I think it is a good fit). Which I did. Now that I’ve managed to find the wireless hotspot, I’ll be able to log on periodically and perhaps update the world on what I’m up to. I’m not sure I’ll want to leave when my two weeks are up. More later!

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