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I missed opening day of the Virginia Festival of the Book, but I did get over there yesterday for a couple of programs. First, I went to Narratives of Illness at New Dominion Bookshop, because it featured Sarah Collins Honenberger and Leora Skolkin-Smith, both of whom I know, Elizabeth McColl, and Caroline Leavitt. It was great to hear each of them describe her book, and it also gave me some great ideas!

I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive out to Barnes & Noble for the next event on my list, but I did. It was called Parallel Lives, for reasons that still aren’t clear to me, but it featured Susan Gregg Gilmore, Michele Young-Stone, and Alden Bigelow. Each gave a short reading and answered questions. I also saw a bunch of people I knew at the event.

There was more after that I would like to have stayed for, but I had to head back over the mountain . . . I’ll get back to the festival for several events today.

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