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I’ve been working on a novel for some time now. It’s been done and then un-done, but it will be done again soon. I’m doing yet another round of revisions (today I begin on page 54 of 350) having already addressed in the first 50 pages the concerns expressed by a couple of readers. The task now is to see how the changes I’ve made will ripple through the manuscript (without, I hope, becoming a tsunami).

I think the book has, potentially, broad appeal. The main character is a man, but most of the other characters are women: his mother, his estranged wife, his cousin, his ex-girlfriend. It’s set in Virginia, but also explores a more “exotic” setting. It’s contemporary, but has historic ties.

I wish I could say more. The picture at left is a hint . . .

And now, I’m going to dive back in. See you later.

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  1. >Good luck with the editing! I've been on a roll recently doing that with some of my short stories and getting them ready for workshops. Having a deadline helps me stay motivated when I feel myself slipping to outdoors and sunshine.

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