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>I made a lot of progress on my novel while at VCCA, but over the last week I’ve made very little. Now, that week included shoveling out of a huge snowstorm, dealing with Christmas (although my way of dealing with Christmas is NOT to deal with it), and otherwise settling back into my life after two weeks away.

But I AM making progress, and getting very close to the end. In fact, I am right now looking at pages 275 and 276 of my old draft (the book has grown and that’s now 298-299 in the new draft) and there is a delightful little scene between my protagonist and . . . a woman I’ve killed off in the new version. Oops. Now, there are some supernatural possibilities in the book, but resurrection isn’t one of them. So that scene has to go. Cut! Except the scene explained something that still needs to happen, so we need a new scene. Add!

I. Will. Finish. By. New Years!

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