>Writer at Work–Day 4

>It was another relatively quiet day in the store, so I only used the headphones for a short while (although I realized that the same CD of pop music has been cycling over and over again in the store if it is still playing tomorrow I may need to go back to headphones for the full session). I had finished the revisions to the old story before I went in, so I set to work on the new story, reading carefully from the beginning, polishing. I realized it isn’t as bad as I was afraid it was, but I still need to come up with an ending.

No one talked to me inside the store today, although a few people stopped on the street and watched. My friend, Logan, who is also a writer (his non-fiction book comes out in early 2007) drove by, honked and waved. I think Suzi needs to ask him to come down and spend a few days in the window . . .

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