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>My change in strategy worked well today. I got set up in the window and put on my Bose Noise-Reduction Headphones, with Yo-Yo Ma in the CD Drive of my laptop. Of course it helped that there were fewer distractions in the store today, and also that I decided to work on revisions to the story I workshopped last week at IUWC. The work went well, and I hope to finish the new version tomorrow morning and then get back to the new story.

Once again, several people stopped outside to watch me work, some of them a bit nervously, afraid, I suppose, that I would notice them. And several people watched me inside the store, whispering to each other about what it was that I might be doing. One gentlemean watched for a while and then took a few steps closer, pretending to examine some of the writing books Suzi has displayed around me (as well as the antique typewriter she has added to the tableau). Finally I looked up and he seized his opportunity to ask if the store sold any books I’d written. Would that it were so! I had arranged on the table a few of the journals in which my stories have appeared, but he was disappointed that they weren’t for sale. Missed opportunity!

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