>2008 New Yorker Story of the Year

>Congratulations to Joshua Ferris! Perpetual Folly readers have spoken and Ferris’s story, The Dinner Party, has been chosen as the New Yorker Story of the Year for 2008. [To see all the finalists, go here.] William Trevor’s The Woman of the House was a close second.

While I think both of these are fine, fine stories, I can’t help wondering what would have happened if I had delayed the voting until after the Winter Fiction issue, because I’m sure two of the four stories in that issue would have been in the running. “The Gangsters” by Colson Whitehead probably would have received my vote, and others have said they thought Donald Antrim’s “Another Manhattan” was best. I won’t be surprised to see those two stories among the Best American Short Stories when the 2009 volume comes out next fall.

Congratulations again to Joshua Ferris!

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  1. >totally. gripping, like a bad dream you can’t get yourself out of.
    William Trevor’s was great, too. He always astounds me. And “Another Manhattan” was damn good. There was a “Dinner Party” kind of flavor to that one.

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