Black Warrior Review is definitely worth a look. One fine story here is the title story from Douglas Trevor’s story collection, The Thin Tear in the Fabric of Space, about which I commented recently: “This had all happened three years before. Since that time, Elena had ceased not only her work as a literary critic but also her bedtime reading of Pushkin. She had instead devoted her energies to the study of the universe and the development of her own private theory about immortality, dark matter, and the space-time continuum.” But also in this issue is “The Passion of Joan Allen” by Chris Gavaler (who happens to be a friend and fiction critique group co-member): “Miriam kissed Jamie goodbye in the parking lot afterwards, kissed her on the mouth, actually smeared lipsticks, before backing her pregnant belly into the passenger seat of Brian’s Porsche. Their second daughter, eleven weeks premature, would die in a respirator the following month. Brian would claim that they never had sex again, a line he would also use on a transient sales rep after his first mistress broke things off.”

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