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>Having seen all four of this season’s shows at the American Shakespeare Center, I’m taking advantage of my Complete Works Pass (AKA: All-you-can-eat Shakespeare) and returning to all the shows at least one more time. Last weekend I saw Measure for Measure (as part of an annual event that I organize for the Northwestern University Club of Virginia), and tonight I saw King Lear again.

The performance of Measure was terrific, just as good as the first time I saw the show. The Lear, though, was even better than the first time, and I thought it was fantastic then. One factor, maybe, was the electricity in the house. The theater was packed, including at least two groups of high school students, and they were enthusiastic to say the least. (Some young girls seemed to especially enjoy the pre-show and interlude vocal performances of Greg Phelps.) The play itself was flawless. James Keegan was born to play the part of King Lear. I may have to see it a third time.

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