Atlanta trip: A Cappella Books

logoI flew down to Atlanta on Friday morning for a couple of days of book events and seeing old friends. I hadn’t been there in a while, so I was surprised at how green and pretty a city it is.

Friday evening I had an even planned at A Cappella Books, which is a fine, but small, independent bookstore in the Inman Park neighborhood. The owner of the store had been very gracious in our communications and I had hoped to deliver a decent turnout for his sake. However, it was kind of a grim night–it rained most of the day–so the “crowd” was pretty small. Still, I talked about my books, did a reading (3 sections from WHAT THE ZHANG BOYS KNOW), and then signed the copies that the people bought. (If the crowd is small, do they feel more obligated to buy books?)

In any case, I’m grateful to the store for the opportunity and I’m glad they at least sold a few books. (And I also picked up a book while I was there, which I generally like to do when I’m doing an event in a bookstore.) If you’re in Atlanta, stop by A Cappella — a terrific little bookstore.

Afterward, I went out with some friends who had come to the reading. Appropriately, we went to The Book House, an Atlanta pub. Good food, good beer, good talk.

In my next post I’ll describe my visit to the Atlanta Writers’ Club.

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