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>You buy books, so you probably need bookshelves, too, right? How about a store that sells both? What a great idea! Meet Books & Bookshelves, the San Francisco store that has what you need.

The reason they came to my attention is that they specialize in small press books, which makes them TRULY unique:

We specialize in small press books by local authors and publishers, and take great pride in our poetry section, which we think is one of the best around. We also have smaller sections for fiction, criticism, cookbooks, art, nature, spirituality, and a few other categories. We don’t try to stock all sorts of books, and tend to avoid mainstream thrillers and anything on the best-seller lists.

We like to stock books that you may not find elsewhere.

If you’re in San Francisco, check the place out! It’s at 99 Sanchez St. And be sure and check their website for events — it looks like they’ve got a reading series going.

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