Everywhere Stories Contributor Spotlight: Anne Sanow

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small PlanetVolume III is now available for pre-order. Like the earlier volumes, this book includes 20 short stories by 20 writers set in 20 countries. Anne Sanow’s story is set in Saudi Arabia.


Anne Sanow is the author of the story collection Triple Time. She is currently completing a novel set partly in Berlin’s WWII film industry, and writing more short fiction set in various parts of the world.

Comment on “Pioneer”: A ten-year-old American boy in the oft-mystified country of Saudi Arabia offered me the chance to explore this world from his perspective—to see it through his eyes, learn what he would notice that the adults do not. What he finds there is new and exhilarating. When an accident reveals truths about cultural realities and expat attitudes, Chris finds himself coping with dangers he cannot easily define. Working with a child as the focal point permitted a freedom from the judgment and prejudice we see in the older characters, though its reflection is another kind of unsettling.

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