>Fun With Google

>1. Cliff is the only act in the UK to score a #1 single in each of the first five decades since the inception of the UK Singles chart in 1952.
2. Cliff is a fucking idiot, period!
3. Cliff is a pure craftsman with the lens and exhibits an amazing eye to capture the perfect moment.
4. Cliff is only the way he is because he’s stuck in a rut with his go-nowhere job.
5. I think Cliff is one of the most nicest and decent men there ever was. And he is one of the most handsome men before Botox or whether he uses it or not.
6. Cliff is a 2005 graduate of Tulane University where he studied Sociology and Philosophy.
7. CLIFF is in your extended network.
8. Cliff is excited about his blog and new photo album
9. Wow, I Met Cliff! Cliff Hates You All • Cliff is Furious • Cliff Does NOT Have a Drinking Problem
10. Cliff is who we want making decisions that impact on our military veterans of wars past and today’s young Americans now serving in our Armed Forces.

For your own list, type “[your name] is” in the search box of Google (or your favorite search engine) and list the first 10 sentences that make sense. Feel free to post yours here in the comments . . .

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  1. >Fun! Here are mine:

    1. Maria is a female given name.
    2. Maria is backed by ace Canadian guitarist Amos Garrett on a Leadbelly number, and by Bay area slide guitarist and producer Roy Rogers on two more Memphis Minnie tunes.
    3. Maria is an amazing woman and her endorsement is solid gold.
    4. Maria is married but she is the most independent woman in California.
    5. Maria is in your extended network.
    6. For those who know her, Maria is an incredibly talented, Web savvy executive with a finger on the pulse of the user experience, quality content, and new lines of business.
    7. Maria is kicking off the second season of her show with some good news.
    8. Maria is in the television room.
    9. Maria is Head of Research Data Services.
    10. Maria is here.

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