>Giving Thanks

>It’s the day, after all, and here it is:

Life is good. I am a very fortunate man. I worked very hard for years at a couple of jobs that I mostly loved, that took me to fascinating places and brought me in contact with equally fascinating people. As a result, I feel that I have much more to say now than I did when I was in my early 20s, at the time when I thought I might pursue a career in writing. I wasn’t ready then, and so it’s just as well that I realized I needed to pursue other interests.

But now here I am. I’m able to spend most of my time writing, and because of that investment of time in my earlier years I find that I have no shortage of stories to tell. I’m also fortunate that I realized, when I embarked on this new life, that I needed help. I didn’t know how to write fiction, even though I’d been reading good literature all my life. That realization caused me to look outside myself, and there I found more support than I ever could have dreamed of. Although I don’t see my writing friends often, it’s a blessing to know they’re there. And I shouldn’t overlook my friends who don’t write, either–some of the best friends anyone could have. Thank you.

I’m also thankful for a wonderful family. We have our quirks, as all families do, but, but my sisters and I have done a pretty good job of making our way. I guess we have our parents to thank for that.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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