>Happy Blogiversary to Me

>I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for five years, but it’s apparently true. Here’s my first post, from January 1, 2005. Now, a couple of thousand posts and hundreds of thousands of visits later, I’m still going.

I enjoy doing this. It’s a way for me to comment on things I’ve read, to promote the work of my friends, to support literary magazines, and to comment on matters related to the world of literature. Two mainstays of the blog attract a fair amount of attention: my comments about the New Yorker story each week, and my ranking of literary magazines based on the Pushcart Prize. This year I intend to expand the story commentary to include Harpers, and I’m also going to try to add Creative Non-fiction ranking based on the Pushcart Prizes. Otherwise, I don’t expect many changes.

I hope readers continue to find something of interest here at Perpetual Folly. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. >That just may be what it takes to get me to revive my dormant Harper's subscription!

    Love the blog. Here's to many more years.

  2. >With 2 comments about this I guess I actually have to do it! January issue Harpers is in my magazine pile; no time like the present.

  3. >Hi, I read your blog a few times a week. I think I first happened upon it after I ran a search for David Foster Wallace's recent feature in the New Yorker. I do enjoy your reviews and the sparks of conversation you start on stories from the NY and otherwise. Thanks and good luck! –ODT

  4. >Dear Cliff,
    Congrats on this milestone. I enjoy your take on things–pointed and refreshing.

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