Happy Holidays!

Merry Whatever!

I grew up in a home that celebrated Christmas, at least in the commercial sense of the holiday. Although my mother displayed a Nativity scene, I don’t remember much emphasis on Jesus. It was mostly about the presents. And the food.

I decided long ago, however, that Christmas wasn’t for me. I abandoned any pretense of being a Christian, and my disdain for Christian hypocrisy has grown. (Not that hypocrisy is universal among Christian, but it’s common enough that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of non-Christians.) So I don’t send cards. I don’t give gifts. I don’t say “Merry Christmas!” I’m not Scrooge, exactly, but I just don’t celebrate this particular holiday. (I also don’t decorate, although I used to, so I’ve got some ornaments and lights if you want them.)

Still, the proximity of the holiday to the Winter Solstice and to New Year’s Day creates an opportunity for reflection and renewal. I’ve got my list of resolutions, like most people, and this is the perfect time to put them into practice.

One of those resolutions is to resume regular blogging. I’ve been a slackard of late. I blame the novel I’m working on. And all the other things I’m doing. But along with reading more literary journals and books, plus resuming my study of Chinese, I resolve to be a better blogger in 2015.

In the meantime, enjoy your celebrations!

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  1. I feel similar Cliff although do go along to some extent. If it were celebrated every 4 years like the World Cup I could get more excited about it just as a fun holiday. Happy New Year.

  2. My family is a mixed bag of Christian, atheist, and other. I host Xmas every year to satisfy the Christian members and am always so relieved when its over. Do like the reflective and renewal aspects of Winter Solstice though. Delighted to see you’re blogging again. Happy 2015!

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