>Home from Bread Loaf

>It took me 10.5 hours to drive home from Bread Loaf on Sunday. It might have been a shorter trip, but there was heavy rain in New York and New Jersey that didn’t stop until well into Pennsylvania, so traffic was slow. Everything seemed fine when I got here and I picked up Bhikku this morning. He’s happy to be home, but tired, as always, from 2 weeks of partying with the other dogs at the kennel.

I brought home with me:

— a cold; my sore throat has been developing all day
— books; lots of books
— ideas for revision of the story I workshopped
— renewed determination to work and submit
— a long list of new friends

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  1. >Uh, oh, sounds like BLARS to me. (Bread Loaf Acute Respiratory Syndrome.) So far I’ve avoided it (knock wood).

  2. >BLARS it is; I felt it creeping up on my on Saturday. However, I’d rather feel miserable (which I do) at home than at Bread Loaf.

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