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>Ho Ho Ho. Last year, the “internet literature magazine of the future” HTML Giant organized a literary Secret Santa gift exchange. It seemed like a good idea, fun, promoted indie lit, etc. So I played, got assigned my giftee, sent something off (ordered from Dzanc Books, as I recall), and waited for my own Santa’s gift to arrive. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally I contacted HTML Giant’s Ryan to see what went wrong, and he sent me some books as a backup to Santa (Good little elf!). Just a couple of days ago I got an email from my Secret Santa from last year, telling me that she’d just come across the package she’d been supposed to mail me a year ago! So that’s finally on it’s way–pretty funny, really–and I owe Ryan some books.

So, HTML Secret Santa is up and running again this year (using Elfster) and especially with the amusing ending to last year’s mixup, I’ve signed on again. Join the holiday spirit! Support independent literature by gifting a small press book (or three) or a subscription to a lit mag! It’s fun, it’s easy.

If you sign up and want to order a signed copy of my book for your giftee, visit my website: CliffordGarstang.com.

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  1. >I have to be effusive and say a signed copy of your (maybe even personalized!) I know is not only going to make a great gift for this year (I've read it and loved it, of course!), but also I think it may well have some value for the person who hangs on to it because your first editions will become valuable items in the future for collectors of great authors (of which you will be included!)

  2. >no need to owe me books cliff, its still a gift! though that really is funny how everything ended.

    its 'snowing' in houston right now.

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