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>I went into town today to get copies of stories made for a submission push in the next couple of weeks. I love my copy shop–they know me, they know what I need, they charge me their lowest price, they usually get my copies done immediately. In this case, though, we were talking about multiple copies of 6 stories, so they suggested I come back in an hour. Which gave me an excuse to wander down the street to the bookstore . . . but on the way I browesed in the antiques mall where I found a signed first edition of T.C. Boyle’s East is East. Now, I already have a copy, a remaindered paperback that I bought for $3.50, but the signed copy is beautiful and I may have to go back tomorrow and get it.

But the bookstore. Mostly I go in to chat with the owner, Suzi. I do try to support the store by buying something almost every time I go in, but this time we got to talking about her rebuilding project. See, shortly before Christmas, there was an accident and a huge car drove through her door, and wound up in the local authors’ section. That damage has to be repaired, of course, but Suzi and her husband have grander things in mind for the building, which is one of Staunton’s historic treasures. The plan to turn the top floor into their residence, eventually, and have several ideas for the second floor. One idea that is almost a certainty is an “event space,” a loung on the second floor for readings and other activities. I mentioned that I’d been thinking of teaching a writing workshop and that kind of space would be perfect for what I had in mind. She loved the idea. I think we can make this happen.

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